Hand Crafted Chocolates

If you have an idea of what's good to sell let everyone know.

Hand Crafted Chocolates

Postby Ian Pedlar » Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:04 pm

There are many people gifted in the art of cuisine.

Imagine walking around with a tray of home made chocolates ... mmmmm !

You would need to get your hygiene certificate, show the environmental health officer where you make them and possibly get that place certificated too and also your method of wrapping and storing the individual items.

Today I went to get my Pedlars Certificate renewed in Bournemouth, it did say something about food and I quote:
A pedlars certificate does NOT authorise you to sell foodstuffs. If you intend to sell foodstuffs, you must seek advice from the relevant Local Environmental Health Authority before doing so.

So, you CAN sell foodstuffs but you must make sure you've got the right certificates before you do. :)

Just having a Pedlars Certificate is not enough.
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