Blow up toys

If you have an idea of what's good to sell let everyone know.

Blow up toys

Postby markwoods39 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:21 pm

NO, not that kind of toy :lol: . I use to sell "a few years ago now" blow up hammers,guitars on Ebay and they sold very quick and was a great seller for me.I used to buy them in at £0.60 each and sold them for £1.50. My mate John is going to have a few on his hot dog trolley as a extra. Here is the link where you can buy from.

I brought 500 mixed lots and sold them all within 3 weeks on Ebay.Was going to buy more but it took up too much time packing and posting them.This is really for summer only when kids are out in the garden playing.
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