Why should you say what you sell?

If you have an idea of what's good to sell let everyone know.

Why should you say what you sell?

Postby Ian Pedlar » Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:49 pm

You are doing Ok, why on earth should you publish on here what you sell?

You did the research, you figured it out, you found where to get the raw materials.

What possible reason would you have to disclose all of your hard earned secrets?

Well firstly if ya do then the chances of you meeting another pedlar on 'your turf' selling the same stuff is minimal.

Secondly it is promoting the idea of people getting out there and selling stuff and keeping pedlary alive.

By that I mean all those laws and things.

Thirdly it is promoting the idea of other pedlars to give you new ideas and information to enable you to make more money!

Fourthly it's because you are all brilliant people.

giffgaff seem to be paying 'me' for using 'them' at the moment! Can't get much cheaper than that!
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