Urgent help required please Warning letters given

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Urgent help required please Warning letters given

Postby Schiffer369 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:31 pm


Please help...today Scarborough borough council are sending out warning letters to 4 pedlars....under the recent street trading policy....the council officer checked all our pedlar certificates and has stated he is sending us warning letters out because he has watched us all for 25 minutes and we hadnt moved...we quoted chapter and verse of pedlars act to him and he says his understanding is that we must be continually in motion....he didnt listen to any of us....we all do move...he even said to one pedlar do not come into town tomorrow and trade.....where do we stand....i gather now we do not have to show the council our pedlars certificate....is it only the police who can enforce our pedlars movements etc etc...we are now logging every move we make ...ie times and where....worried sick...please help....
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